The Popples were first licensed by Mattel in the late '80s.  After the success of the original nine characters, new and different kinds of Popples were produced.

The original nine charactersEdit

These characters appeared in the Popples movie, and starred in the late 80s Popples cartoon.  They were the first toys to be released by Mattel, and came in three sizes.  Pancake, Party, and PC Popple were the largest at 13 inches.  Pretty Bit, Potato Chip, and Putter were the smallest at 8 inches.  Prize, Puffball, and Puzzle were the medium 11-inch size.[1]

Slumber Party PopplesEdit

Cheerleader PopplesEdit

French basic popplesEdit

The following three were only made in France.  Their names are unknown.

Puffling popplesEdit

Baby PopplesEdit

Rock Star PopplesEdit

Sports PopplesEdit

Plush banksEdit


Animal PopplesEdit



Costumed Popples/Carnival PopplesEdit

Easter Basket PoppleEdit

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Fruit PopplesEdit