Party Popple was first released by Mattel in 1985. She was also released by Furyu Japan in 2009.



  • Main color: Pink with pink hair
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Other colors: Shades of pink, purple, and white


"Party Popple is a large female Popple with an irresistibly contagious laugh and, as her name suggests, she just loves to party. In fact, she's a regular party animal. No occasion is too small for Party to celebrate. If the truth be known, however, she'd prefer having a perpetual private party just for two—her and P.C." (From Marvel comic ad.)

"Guess what she's always ready for? A party! With her contagious laugh, this leader of the pack is sure to make a pack of fun!" (From the Puffling Popples' leaflet.)